Scholastic Benefits Of Playing Chess

If you have a child who is struggling in school, you may be desperate to find ways to help them. While you can invest in tutors and tests to see if they qualify for support services, sometimes all you need to help your child is to look to the classics. Chess, for example, can help children in a number of ways to develop better academic skills.  Chess Improves Memory One key to winning at chess is to remember your opponent's moves. Read More 

Three Children’s Franchises For Education And What Their Specialties Are

While there are any number of daycares and childcare centers that operate as educational children's franchises, schools (as a rule) are not franchised. However, if your child has been struggling in some way with aspects of his or her education, you may be looking for alternative programs that can help. Here are three educational franchises that may have a local branch near you, what their specialties are, and how they may be able to help your child. Read More 

How To Help Your Anxious Child Embrace Preschool

If your child has anxiety, preschool can be hard in a number of ways. Luckily, there are ways that you can help ease your child's anxiety and make preschool a pleasant place for him or her. Here are some ideas to inspire you:    1. Look for a preschool with a calming atmosphere. Take your child's anxiety into account when choosing the preschool, and look for one with a relatively calming atmosphere (such as Sammamish Montessori School). Read More 

Questions To Ask For Quality Child Care

Finding the right child care provider can be difficult. It depends on asking the right questions and doing a thorough evaluation for each child care option. Here are some questions to ask to find a quality child care provider.  What is the Staff to Child Ratio? The ratio of child care providers to children can tell you a lot about the quality of the facility. More caretakers means more resources and attention devoted to each child. Read More 

Making Delicious Apple Chips For Your Child’s Snack Day At Daycare

Daycare centers often give children the chance to bring in their own unique snack to share with their friends. It's your child's turn and you want to create something that is both delicious and healthy. Try these apple chips. This recipe is simple to prepare and adaptable. Tools And Ingredients You'll Need You aren't going to need a lot of tools or ingredients for this recipe. All you'll need are: Read More