Tips For Getting Your Small Kids In A Good Routine For Their Hygiene

It can be hard to get some small children into the habit of taking care all of their various hygiene needs. Of course, you can't give up. You need to do as much as you can in order to help them develop good routines that will lead to good habits. Here are some ways you can do that: Read Some Books On The Subject There are some books on the subject of basic hygiene. Read More 

An Educational Childcare Program Builds A Strong Foundation For Your Child’s Future

Children have an amazing ability to soak up knowledge from a very young age. Because of this, a lot of emphasis is put on early learning now. Rather than spend time idly watching cartoons, kids can learn about the world around them and get a head start on kindergarten by attending an educational childcare program. Here's how this differs from traditional daycare. Educational Childcare Is More Than Supervision Some daycare facilities are mostly group babysitting services. Read More 

Child Care Centers: Open Concept Vs. Closed Concept And Why It Matters

Child care centers are structured one of two ways: open concept or closed concept. There are some defining features between the two, and reasons why center owners and directors may opt to for one style over the other. As a parent, you should know more about these two concepts/styles and how they may impact your child's education and care. Open Concept Open concept child care centers are similar to open concept living areas. Read More 

Preparing For School: 3 Crucial Development Skills In Children

When it comes to child development, social skills are among the top priorities. It can often be hard for children to develop these crucial skills, especially if they have never attended any kind of childcare or are not exposed to other children their own age. These programs can provide a way for kids to develop these skills in a controlled environment. Social skills help kids develop a strong sense of self. Read More 

Scholastic Benefits Of Playing Chess

If you have a child who is struggling in school, you may be desperate to find ways to help them. While you can invest in tutors and tests to see if they qualify for support services, sometimes all you need to help your child is to look to the classics. Chess, for example, can help children in a number of ways to develop better academic skills.  Chess Improves Memory One key to winning at chess is to remember your opponent's moves. Read More