Taking Care Of Business: Four Tips To Help Motivate Your Preschooler For When They Start Kindergarten

Preschool is an exciting time for any toddler. While your child is blossoming during her time in preschool, you need to start thinking about kindergarten. Kindergarten is when your child will be expected to stay on task with home work and school projects. If you do not know the proper way to motivate your child now, kindergarten will be overwhelming. Below are a few helpful tips to help motivate your preschool child now so that it won't be an issue when she begins the next chapter in their education.

Engage In Conversation

Holding conversations with your toddler about what she learned in preschool will get them excited for learning and staying on task. It is not enough to simply talk to your child, you must engage her in meaningful conversation. For example, with excitement in your voice, ask your child what she learned in school that day. If your child mentions a certain book that was read to them, ask her specific questions about the book. Dinner time is the best time to engage a toddler in conversation about their day because it gives both of you an opportunity to be fully committed to the conversation. Showing and expressing an interest in what your child is learning to help to the continue the excitement they are feeling about their class.

Avoid Rewards

While it is a very easy way to get your child to stay on task, offering a reward for every time they complete something will only hinder their progress. For example, if you tend to offer your child a piece of candy for every task they complete, in the future, your child will only complete assignments if there is a reward at the end. If you rewards stop, so will their willingness to complete what they need to get done. Offer, instead, positive reinforcement. If your child completes a task, compliment them on how well they did. Let your compliments be their reward. This will also help to raise their self-esteem.

Show Appreciation

There is nothing that a child loves more than pleasing their parents. Showing your child how much you appreciate what they do keep them wanting to complete the things they are asked to do. For instance, if your toddler cleaned up her toys without being asked, express how thankful you for it. Show them that their efforts are noticed. If your child sees her efforts are being acknowledged, this will keep them motivated because they will want to continually feel appreciated.

Be The Example

Being the example is one of the most important things you can do for your child because it will set the foundation on how you expect them to act when it comes to completing tasks. If you procrastinate the tasks that you are supposed to accomplish throughout the day, your child will not take you seriously when it is time for them to complete tasks. Leading your child down the right path is more successful than simply telling them what the right path it. If you are always on top of your tasks, your child will learn to do the same.

Your preschooler is only just embarking on her education journey. When she gets into kindergarten she will be expected to turn in assignments in a timely manner. You can start to motivate your child to stay on task now. By following the simple tips listed above you will help your child stay motivated when school assignments get progressively harder.